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KYLE (@lovekyle)- Raining Love [prod. by BedRock]

A Message from the beautiful loser himself:

“Every artist has that moment where they can see something before it happens. They make a masterpiece before recording a single note. This song is that moment for me. Sometimes something feels so right it’s impossible to do anything wrong with it. Everything from subtle raindrops to the warm vibrant synths to the fuckin birds chirping feels so perfect to me haha. Its like a rush of unstoppable awesomeness that just makes you wanna chase some random yitch down the street and sing to her in the rain! This is the song of the summer #FACT. It’s raining fucking love haha and don’t try to fight it just let the GOTDAMNESS take over your body. Trust me it feels good. Just keep calm and LoveKyle. It’s Raining Love…

Produced by BEDROCK, a good friend of mine – he’s the realest !! And every beat he makes SLAPS!

#BeautifulLoser coming 8.05!”

Download the track and enjoy!

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