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NOVEMBER’S FEATURED FLYER: Bryan Christopher [Interview]


A few weeks ago, I got a chance to sit down interview a very talented musician and actor by the name of Bryan Christopher. You may have seen Bryan has one of the many starts of the newer seasons of All That, and the cult classic Hardball with Keanu Reeves. Today, he spits vicious bars and resides in beautiful SoCal. We talked about everything from transitioning from acting to rapping, what his goals were for the future, and how he’s also one of hip-hop’s dopest rising stars. I hope you enjoy this interview.

-Jelani (Co-Founder and Head Blogger for Fly Little Things)

How about you give us a little background of yourself for the people who don’t know who you are.
My name is Bryan Christopher, also known as BC, better known as rap god, but more specifically known as the S-Curl Don.. And I am from Brooklyn by way of Staten Island, New York. Currently starting my life in the beautiful Southern California.

Dope, I’m actually from Crown Heights myself so we have that in common. Now would you say that being born from the east coast influenced your style? Or being out in Cali?
Ayyee that’s beautiful, I love meeting Brooklyn cats. The dynamic is different.. Y’know, I think I’d say my style doesn’t come from either coast. I could say I’m from Ohio and cats would believe me, based on the flow, just cause what I say, and the way I say it is different from dudes you hear in LA and NY.

I feel you, so would you say your music is nice blend of both coasts? to the point where people can’t really pin point where your from?
Nah, I wouldn’t even say that. [Laughs] I literally wouldn’t even put my music in a particular place. I think BC’s mind is a crazy enough place to be from. Actually from now on, when people ask where I’m from, I’m saying BC, USA.It’s a lot different though, when you’re talking to me. I’m really a New York dude, so you hear it in my speaking voice. But my music is kinda, without trying too hard, going out of its way to be THAT different.

[Laughs] I like that! BC, USA. You got your own flow, your own type of music, and your own lane. Not a lot of upcoming rappers have there own identity, they try to emulate other rappers styles. Stepping away from music a little bit, I assume a lot of people knew you as a child actor on the Nickelodeon show, All That, and the cult classic, Hardball. Was it hard transitioning from acting to music?
Not at all. I’ve been lucky enough that people just accept it. Which is a blessing, because one of the reasons I left All That was because I was discovering myself creatively through music, and the producers didn’t fully understand what was going on with me. It was good, being 14 or 15, back in NY, tryna make music happen and having people fuck with it. Made me feel like I made the right decision, following my heart. A lot of my current fans don’t fully know how much I did back then. I kinda keep it quiet and let them find out on their own. And even when they do, and they tweet me about it or Instagram or whatever, I don’t really reply. Not because I’m embarrassed, but more so because I’m not tryna use that to get recognition. Don’t get me wrong, I loved that time of my life, but I’m 25 now. Married with a kid on the way. Fuck I look like goin’ backwards like “remember me from this though!!” [Laughs]

[Laughs] I get you. I know a few artists who use their past accomplishments as a crutch! That’s actually really good to hear that though, you always hear stories of certain people trying to change there professions and it turning out well. Now getting a little personal, how does your family feel about you being a full time musician. were they always supportive? Or was it a process.
Oooh good question. Damn. Yeah, it was (and still is, sometimes) really hard to get some of my family to get where my head is, creatively. Really, the only people that matter are my parents. My siblings get it. They love it and we all support each other through everything, but they’re young like me. My parents don’t always understand. It’s funny, I had both my moms and pops in the car the other day, and I had to FULLY explain the entire “Numbers on the Boards” verse. I think moms is still a little confused, but she understands that there is a method to the madness, and that’s all that matters to me.

Nah I completely understand, it seems like parents are always the hardest to convince whenever you make a big life choice on your own. but at the end of the day, you got to do what makes you happy.
Truth. And happiness is really all parents want for their kids.

I totally agree. Now continuing on with the “what makes you happy” theme, is there a specific place where you like to write your music? Studio? Bedroom? Outside ect.?
Yo, I write best at the crib, when nobody’s home. I gotta be in a fairly good mood, I’m in my comfort zone, I got the TV off, it’s just me and the beat. That’s when the magic pops out.

Ahhhhhh, I see. So you like to completely submerge yourself into the music in order to come up with your best bars huh?
Basically. I mean, there are times where the wife is home and she don’t wanna be alone in any room of the house. But I make sure she knows that I’m writing some crazy shit, and if she plans on saying any words to me, they might get ignored. [Laughs]

[Laughs] I feel you, being an artists myself I completely understand. When your in your zone, you are in your ZONE. Nothing else is going on until that recording or writing session is done.
Right. It’s like painting. A painter breaks concentration and comes back to his canvas and might do some completely different shit that he wasn’t planning on. Or he might just be like “Man, let me get back to this tomorrow.”

Totally bro, totally. So I noticed that you chose to use YouTube as one of your main outlets of spreading your media, and you get some pretty good hits. Would you say your presence on youtube helped boost your career a little bit?
Son, to be perfectly honest, I have no idea why I have so many hits in YouTube. But the fact that people are watching and talking is good. We like the positive and negative comments over here.. I wouldn’t say that my YouTube presence has helped boost my career, but I’m hoping it does. I’ve worked with some pretty dope artists who have nicely sized fan bases. I’m just tryna get a fraction.

Speaking of collaborating with dope artists, do you have any future collaborations your excited to work with in the near future?
Actually yeah. As far as rappers go, there’s a beautiful record I made with Jream Andrew and Lil Crazed that we all spazzed on. I’m hoping to see that out soon. But I’m more so excited to get started on the new Frankie Lee record. I’ve written a few songs for an album that she’s tryna put out before our baby comes, and I’m gonna be featured on one or two of those joints.

That’s awesome! Do you find it easier to write for other artists?
Yo… SOOO much easier. I don’t know why, but I’ve literally written verse and thought “…Where was this BC when I was tryna write that one song for ‘370HSSV’?!”

[Laughs] thats crazy, its weird cause I would actually think It’s more difficult since you already know your writing style and content the best!
Right?! You would think! But actually I write better for other artists because they take me out of my own mind. It’s seriously like a jungle up here.

Do you enjoy collaborating with other artists? Whether its ghost writing or a feature and what do you enjoy most about it?
I purposely don’t collaborate with other artists too often. And it’s because there’s not too many people I’m willing to connect with. In order for me to want to collaborate with you, we’ve gotta have a connection deeper than “oh hey, get on this song with me”. I gotta know where your head is.

Oh I see, I imagine you get hit up a lot for collaborations ? [Laughs]
I do. I usually just say that I’m busy. Even when I’m not. [Laughs]

Moving on, what do you think about the current state of hip hop? Many people are under the assumption that the genre has gone downhill from the mid 2000s. But with the rise of artists like Kendrick Lamar, Odd Future, and others that are bringing back that spark that the game has been missing, do you think that’s still so?
I honestly think Hip Hop is on the rise. Again. And it’s beautiful. Although I think the “Control” controversy is being taken completely out of context. I really don’t want things to get back to when everybody was mad at each other.

Why do you think everybody, especially people who were not even mentioned in the verse, were so upset with Kendrick’s verse? It seems like he was trying to bring back the competitiveness that was missing for a while in Hip-Hop.
Right. I literally think people were mad because they weren’t mentioned. And that’s cute or whatever. Be mad, show your bitterness, capitalize on the situation and get your YouTube views. But the cats who WERE mentioned, who are showing that they feel some type of way, they’re killing me. Like it’s hilarious. Y’know, like why not just do you, go in on everything and show that you’re not about to get trumped?

Do you think because of this verse we’ll start to hear the same old crap or will rapper’s actually start putting effort and substance into their music?
We’re definitely gonna start hearing people putting more effort. But it’s not for everybody. I’m not gonna wanna hear Trinidad James trying to spit some Illmatic type shit.

[Laughs] I feel you, certain types of music ain’t for everyone. Okay so as I begin to wrap up our conversation I gotta ask you this age old question: where do you see yourself in 5 years?
Uh… I see myself 30 years old with a 5 year old. And possibly a 1 year old added to the family. And I see myself on television again, simultaneously putting out another album. I’ve been thinking about making acting a priority again.

Oh! That’s actually really good to hear! I bet a lot of people who grew up watching you (myself included) would love to see you return to our TV and movie screens. Do you have anything else you would like to plug? any upcoming videos, mixtapes, or collaborations we should keep our eyes peeled for?
Nope. [Laughs] I might have another single coming from ‘370HSSV’, but I am starting work on the album right now, so my focus is elsewhere.

Alright, thanks again for sitting down with us and chatting!

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/brynchrstphr
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/bryanchristophermusic
YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/comodityTV
Tumblr: http://heartlessking.tumblr.com/
Instagram: http://instagram.com/brynchrstphr

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