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Are The Solar Red Yeezy 2’s The Greatest Yeezy Model Of All Time?


What’s good everyone?

Y’all probably don’t know me, but I’m one of the new faces of Fly Little Things. The name’s Esco, and I’m here as one of the contributing editors to Fly Little Things’ fashion section on the blog. Now, as my first order of business of me Christopher Colombus-ing this section, I feel like a round table discussion should be brought up on one of the most famous sneakers out there, the Nike Yeezy models that have been coming out in the past. The Yeezy’s in my opinion are iconic, as Kanye West himself took his vision (somewhat) and crafted these kicks to sneakers the community has never seen before. There were the Yeezy 1s, which took everyone by surprise, and the Yeezy 2’s had the same effect. But enough of the history lesson, I’m here because FLT wanted a nigga who voiced an opinion and that’s on my résumé. Personally, I’m going to let y’all know, in my opinion, those Yeezy 2 Solar Red’s were the best Yeezys to ever drop. They’re honestly the only Yeezys that you can wake up, put some fucking sweatpants and a wife beater on, and still look fly with them on. Those kicks on Kim Kardashian had me wanting to put a bitch in Yeezys and marry her on the spot. The Solar Reds could honestly have the number one spot out of all the kicks in my collection, but them Yeezys sold out quicker than Kendrick Perkins deleting his Twitter after getting yammed on by my mans Blake Griffin. But I digress, since this is the first post (and hopefully not the last) I want to know: which Yeezy color-way and model is the best in your opinion? Let me know in the comments below! I’ll catch y’all later, hope y’all fuck with me.

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