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SNEAKER NEWS: Must Cops Of The Weekend

Happy Sunday y’all.

It’s Esco again, and I’m pretty sure Fly Little Things fucks with me because they’re allowing me to continue to voice my opinion on FLT, so I’m not going to disappoint.

The topic of conversation today is the definitely going to be the Kicks of the Weekend. There is plenty of fire coming out this week, and depending on the style you like, and I’m going to try my best and cover almost all the shoes dropping today and tomorrow.
First off, the shoes that dropped this morning, and a personal favorite of mine, the Nike Air Trainer SC “Broken Bats.” These blue and white beauties are so fire in my eyes, and the small details on it make it stand out to me even more. The 8-Bit Bo Jackson figure on the tongue and the “Broken Bats” on the bottom of the kicks are the small things that make me fall in love with em. If I wasn’t so broke, these definitely would be en route to my crib so I could stunt on these haters at school. Plus, they don’t even cost that much, with a retail price of $130.
Another great pair of shoes that dropped today are the Nike Free Flyknit Chukka SP, which to me, are a great pick up for casual wear, or, using them for their intended purpose, which is running. Since I’m a chubby nigga, I really wouldn’t cop these to run in, but more to have something to slip on real quick when I’m “running” to the bodega for a sandwich to eat. Anyway, these shoes are a great cop if you got your hands on these, as the black and white flyknit with the yellow Nike swoosh makes it a shoe that’ll get double takes on the way to the gym, or to the nearest food court. Price of said kicks are $200.
A personal favorite of mine and a pair I’m definitely going to attempt (and fail) to cop are the Nike SB Dunk Low “Hacky Sack”. Nike has been slacking with the designs for their SB’s (no offense) but with these, I feel like they’re turning around their lame designs are getting really creative here. The combination of the suede and Hacky Sack design and material really catches my eye. Personally, I’m a Jordan kind of guy, but of course I got good share of SB’s in the closet, and these are ones that I’d love to add to the collection. Again, since I’m a chubby nigga, I do not plan to skateboard in these since I have no center of gravity on a board and probably bust my ass getting on, but I will be putting on some Stance socks and letting these common folk admire my shoe game. Retail on these sweet kicks is $90.

Of course, these are just a few of the great kicks that are coming out this weekend, and hopefully y’all can get your hands on at least one of them. I’m gonna actually try for those SB’s and pray to Based God that they magically fall into my cart with 90 dollars that I don’t have right now.

Good luck this weekend copping kicks Fam! If y’all do get a pair, let me know in the comments below or hit me up on Twitter, I love discussing kicks with people, @EscooMontanta. -Esco

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