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SNEAKER NEWS: Must Cops Of The Weekend (5/10/14)

What’s good FLT!?

Esco here with your must cops for the week, and I’m excited because of the list I got for you guys this week. I got a little something special for you guys out there who have no idea what to cop your mother or even ya baby momma, cause if you reading about a sneaker blog you definitely have a baby momma who wears Jordans. Without further adieu, here are the must cops of the weekend!

First up is actually a great pack that they do every year once the playoffs kick off, and the colorways for these 3 pairs do not disappoint. The flashy Nike Lebron 11 Elites area personal favorite, with the tone of the shoe being all red with those aqua and gold accents really make it an eye grabber. The Nike KD 6 Elite maintain that low profile that they’ve gone with all year, with the wire designs going all through the shoe, which makes them also a great pick up if you enjoy the blue-green colorway that it sports. Last but not least, the Nike Kobe 9 Elites have that (ugly) ankle support that they’ve had all year as well, but stunt with a great gray and turquoise tone, and of course they have those little hints of yellow and purple, Lakers representing of course! They are all part of the Hero Collection, and the prices are $275, $200, and $225 respectively.
With the next pair of shoes, people are in luck if you weren’t lucky enough to cop the Nike SB low Hacky Sack, Nike is releasing the High version of the Hacky Sack pattern. Personally, I like High top versions of these classic low tops, just because I feel like they look so much better. High tops also give you another look, as even if you wear shorts or long pants, those High tops shine through all the adversity. Low tops really don’t look good on chubby niggas anyway, so if you are indeed a chubby nigga, you might have to look forward to these Nike SB High Hacky Sack joints and call it a successful ass day.
These next pair of shoes is definitely for the guys who really have NO idea what to bless their mothers or the mothers in their life that they want to get a nice gift for. The Jordan brand, and me of course, have your back for a nice little gift in the form of none other than a nice pair of Jordans. The GS Retro 6 Turbo Green shoes are a great pair if your baby momma’s favorite color is green, or she loves Jordans altogether. The yellow accents on the shoelace lock and the bottom of the shoe really make the green pop and stand out. Your baby momma’s ratchetness will definitely go off with these kicks on her feet, and if you’re considering purchasing these in the first place, you’re definitely okay with that fact, shit, I love me a girl in Jordans and hoop earrings too!

Like always, LET ME KNOW if you cop any of these kicks I’ve talked about or others that I might be sleeping on, and let me see you wearing em! Let’s talk sneakers on Twitter too, @EscooMontana, and it’s forever #WearYourKicks! Catch y’all later.


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