Worst Week In NFL History Finally Ends

Although the NFL is head and shoulders above every other major sport in terms of popularity, it’s endured it’s worst week possibly ever.

The week that included a video surfacing of former Ravens running back Ray Rice knocking his then-fiancé unconscious in an Atlantic City elevator, Vikings Adrian Peterson “whooping” his four year-old son to the point of an arrest, and several other incidents, the NFL is ready to move on.

The games have all but concluded, with only two remaining, the NFL can now put to rest it’s horrible week, and move on to the next. Even the Commissioner of the league has been in hot water for attempting to cover up Rice’s mishaps, and it is just an overall bad look for America’s favorite game.

America as a nation is ready to move on, and it is a shame that so much negativity has overshadowed one of the years biggest stories.

That story being the Bengals’ Devon Still’s four year-old daughter being diagnosed with cancer, and the team donating money from Still’s jersey sales to cancer research for his daughter. Instead, that has been put to the back burner, and brought focus to crime, ignorance and shame.

We all wish that these stories didn’t happen, but domestic violence and child abuse run rampant in this country, and proves no matter how much money a person makes, they still make the same poor choices as those less fortunate. No one is safe from ignorance, and that rang true this week.

Here’s to a new and better week, but we can only hope things improve dramatically.

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