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Action-Platformer: Katana ZER0 by @Askiisoft

Katana ZERO may be my next favorite platformer. 

Showcasing some slick Neo-Noir 80’s themed music and vibe, Katana ZERO, sports some of the coolest looking platforming action that I have seen since the year started. Also, who doesn’t like playing as a katana-wielding, time-manipulating, bullet-deflecting samurai?

Honestly, check out some these GIFS of the game made by Askiisoft:

These images speak for themselves. The direction of visual style that Katana ZERO is going for, has captivated me, and I think I may be in love. 

I most definitely want to give a special shoutout to the guys that worked on the sound design and soundtrack: Bill Kiley, Ludowic, and Flashygoodness. They really capture the 80’s vibe that both the visuals and the gameplay are trying to capture. Here’s a sample of what’s to come.

Be on the lookout for this game. The concept and execution could definitely be worth the money, and I cannot wait to buy this game and dive into it, so I can deflect some bullets.

Follow @Askiisoft on Twitter for more updates on the game and when it releases.

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