Why Virtual Reality is So Exciting


There are a lot of articles that write about virtual reality and the science behind it. There are even more numerous articles about companies from all over the world like; Samsung, Sony, and Valve are trying to get in on the train that is “Virtual Reality“. A simple answer to why?

It’s finally here.

Now if you reading this, have been living under some sort technological rock, it will be explained right here what exactly “Virtual Reality” is. Virtual Reality (VR) in its simplified form is an alternate space, computerized and created in order to replicate the physical world, which commands itself to replicate physical senses in real-time. In even simpler terms, it’s basically like being the main character in a first-person shooter. You can move, and interact almost seamlessly with the environment around you.

Sounds up your alley? Good, let’s talk about why it’s so exciting.

The idea of Virtual Reality has been around for decades, way before even my birth or even my parents birth. It has showed up in various forms of media like movies, games, and television shows. The first time, that I can even remember hearing about virtual reality was through Nintendo’s first foray into the field called Virtual Boy. It never took off after its initial release in 1995, only lasting a year before being discontinued and shelved as a vintage novelty. Fast-forward to 2012, a Kickstarter campaign pops up on August 1 of that year. It was thought to be a joke, as does most Kickstarter campaigns with seemingly outlandish ideals, but this was different. A man by the name of Palmer Luckey was so passionate about virtual reality, so enthusiastic about it,  that he proposed all those far fetched goals of being in The Matrix were possible. In September of 2012, Oculus Rift was funded 2 million dollars over 947% above the intended goal and what became a novelty collectible thought to be a joke by many became a reality that wasn’t computerized or simulated.

Four years have passed since then, and virtual reality is still here. It is still growing. Virtual reality is no longer just a fantasized dream, its a development that has made itself present and known. Facebook is in on it, Sony has launched its version, HTC and Valve has released Vive, Oculus has it’s Rift and they are prime examples of VR technology ready for consumption.

There are even various articles like those from Polygon, that write about the Vive in comparison to the Rift.

Telling you my experience about VR and how Samsung’s Gear VR affected me, would do no justice to the actual experience I felt when I put it on. Describing the anxiety or the heart throbbing excitement I felt trying it is next to impossible without butchering what VR made me realize. In short, it was moving. It made me want more. It made me feel as if there was no end to the possibilities that can be endured. I was ready to immerse myself wholeheartedly into a virtual realm, in both movies and games. Virtual reality is indescribable, its an experience you have to dive into. There are many, many different versions of this VR technology but I can say this with confidence is that no matter which one you try out, I don’t think you will ever forget the experience you had with it.

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