A Clean Slate.

What’s going on everybody,

Editor-In-Chief Jelani Carter here, and I just want to thank you guys for the immense support you have given the site over the years. FLT come to fruition at a time in Grizz and I’s life where we were in a weird transitional period. We initially wanted to create a place where we could post the music that we loved, and knew the people loved, and also eventually branch out and start posting about other topics too. So that’s what we did. After about a year in, I brought on some new writers who were super passionate and cared about expanding the site to new heights just as Grizz and I did. Then life got in the way. Posts started slowing down. The initial hype died. We thought we could shake things up by switching to Squarespace. It just stopped being fun. So a few months ago we stopped completely.

Then recently Grizz and I started talking. Reminiscing on the site and the brand in its heyday and how fun it was posting some new shit and seeing the reaction after. How awesome it was connecting with dope artists and other creatives through the blog. Seeing our friends get hype and proud that an article they wrote was being well received. This shit was fun, yo. So we thought…. why not bring it back? Back to our basics, the very roots of the blog. Passionate people writing about the topics they care about and not giving a flying fuck while they’re doing it.

So that’s what we’re doing. All the old writers are back. We got the site back from our old blog server, deleted all the old posts from when we didn’t know how to do shit, and now we are ready to take this blog to a whole new level. I know my goals for this blog and company are pretty far fetched, and I know it will take some time to get there. But I love Fly Little Things, and I know you guys do too. All the fancy shit will come in due time, it’s time to put in some fucking work.

As always thanks for flying with us,

Jelani Carter (Co-Founder/Editor-In-Chief)

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