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Why You Should Watch: Stranger Things


I’m going to try not to spoil anything when it comes to TV shows, or media that is discussed in this new series called “Why You Should Watch”.

So where in the world can you find Stranger Things? Check it out on Netflix, it’s 8 episodes each episode lasting from 42 – 55 minutes long; and biggest prospective about this all is that Stranger Things is indeed getting a Season 2. 

Let’s get to the meat and bones. Stranger Things is an incredible watch for a series that fully embraces nostalgia, and the stereotype of the 80’s. Be forewarned it does teeter into the horror genre, and that elevates the drama; carrying the suspense from episode to episode. Each episode is super important in expanding the characters, and really brings to life the old school Goosebumps vibe and even becomes reminiscence of The Twilight Zone. I will divulge that personally I wasn’t too surprised by the twists and turn in the series, but that isn’t what makes it so great. It is really the characters, specifically the 5 kids. Each one has a very unique personality, and it isn’t as cut and dry or one dimensional like other stereotypical characters. Every interaction between them is real, it’s living, it’s relatable; they all bring life to the big screen and make Stranger Things more than anything, about the people. [Spoiler]: Even Johnathan Byers, acknowledges the 80’s trope of a stereotypical rebellious teenage girl, which becomes extremely ironic in the final episode. But it is character interaction like this that makes Stranger Things so lively. 

For being 8 episodes, the investments in these characters felt like a 5 seasons of Law & Order. Love or hate some of these characters, I’m looking at you Steve Harrington, the acting is superb and the direction of the series is a very interesting ride that is worth jumping on as soon as possible. I won’t say much about the ending, but Stranger Things leaves a lot to be desired in its second season and really values the mental stability and psychological stability of all the characters in some way, shape or form. If you have heard all the hype for this show, I would definitely listen to it.

Stranger Things is worth the watch

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