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Watch The First Episode Of Donald Glover’s New Show “Atlanta” For Free

If you happened to miss one of the most highly anticipated television premiere’s of 2016 last night, have no fear. The good folks over at FX Networks got your back. You can now watch the first full length episode of Donald Glover‘s new series, Atlanta, on YouTube. Please please PLEASE do yourself a favor and watch it. While it’s true, I am a HUGE Gambino stan, this is just damn good television. Hiro Murai directed the hell out of these first few episodes, the visuals are absolutely stunning. The writing that Donald and his staff has done is witty, smart, hilarious, and expertly timed. And overall, if you ever wanted an authentic and RAW representation of what lower middle class African-Americans have to go through on a daily basis, my friend look no further, it’s expertly captured within a 26 minute time frame. All in all, this show is absolutely fantastic, and you would be doing yourself a disservice by not hopping on the hype-train right now. 10/10 would DEFINITELY recommend. Lol.

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